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Critical Med Tips Preppers Forget to Mention

“One thing most preppers know is that you have to wear many hats during a crisis event. Including being a medic. In a Crisis YOU are the Doctor. Are you Prepared? In this article we will cover some critical tips that preppers often forget to mention. If you are like most people living in suburbia, then you know nothing about medicine. A little bit of preparation can end up saving you or your loved one’s life. Only a small amount of research and supplies can make you and your family better prepared than 90% of most suburban families. So, enough with the side dishes, let’s get to the main course.”

Top Ten Herbal Remedies

“Herbal medicines or Traditional medicines have been around for as long as man has and are the basis of modern medicines. David Hoffman, a clinical phytotherapist (herbal medicine) for 20 years, says that medicinal plants have been used for several millennia and as recently as 60 years ago, our pharmacopeias showed that modern drugs were derived from plants.”

From PrepperLink:

Download Additions

I added files in the download section on Hunting Fishing and Trapping and Sanitation.

Hello World

Welcome to our new website.  Please take a look around and check things out.  I think you’ll find the download section pretty well stocked.  Things planned for the future include links to other sites, link up with our Facebook page, and hopefully a few articles to boot.

We will need some volunteers to grow the content on the site… folks to post related links, articles, photos, videos, etc.

I hope you find the site useful.  Let me know if you see anything that needs correction or if you have any suggestions.